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Update on the North Northamptonshire Strategic Plan

The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee (JPC) considered a report on the North Northamptonshire Strategic Plan (NNSP) at its 2nd March 2021 meeting, the final meeting of the JPC. This report can be viewed at Item 7 via the following link. The JPC endorsed the draft scope of the NNSP (available at Appendix 1 of Item 7) and potential timetable (which can also be viewed below and its relationship with Arc Spatial Framework timetable) and recommended this to the North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) for inclusion in the North Northamptonshire Local Development Scheme (LDS).


ASF (February 2021)

NNSP (March 2021)

Early 2021

  • Launch of the Spatial Framework (Feb 2021)
  • Evidence Gathering and Scoping



Spring 2021

  • Engagement with local partners and public.  
  • Evidence Gathering and Scoping

Summer 2021

  • Vision for Spatial Framework published for consultation.
  • Evidence base developed.
  • Ongoing engagement.


  • Evidence Gathering and Scoping.
  • Member briefings and workshops

Autumn/ Winter 2021


  • Consultation on Scope and Issues (Regulation 18)

Spring 2022

  • Publication of ‘Towards a Spatial Framework’ for consultation.
  • Ongoing engagement.


Summer 2022

(Spring 2022-Autumn 2022)

  • Further option testing and consideration of consultation responses.
  • Ongoing engagement.


  • Consultation on Options

Autumn 2022

  • Publication of draft Spatial Framework and evidence base for consultation.
  • Ongoing engagement.


Early 2023

Publication & implementation of ASF

(no date given)

  • Proposed Submission consultation (Regulation 19)

Spring 2023


Summer 2023

  • Submission to Secretary of State (Regulation 22)

Autumn 2023

  • Examination Hearings (Regulation 24)

Winter 2023


Summer 2024

  • Adoption of DPD (Regulation 26)

March 2021