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December 2019

Tresham Garden Village consultation launches

The site promoters for Tresham Garden Village have now launched a 6 week consultation on a draft Masterplan and Delivery Strategy for the site.

March 2018

Right to Build Expo - 7th November 2017 Takes Place

In conjunction with the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning & Delivery Unit, The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) held its second regional Expo to showcase the work of the newly established Right to Build Task Force.

November 2017

Borough of Wellingborough Publication Plan Consultation

The council has now reached the next milestone in the preperation of the Part 2 Local Plan for the borough. A Publication Plan has been prepared and is now being consulted on.

September 2017

Government Support Announced for Deenethorpe Garden Village

The Government has announced that it will support work on a proposed “Garden Village” at Deenethorpe Airfield.

January 2017