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The North Northamptonshire Joint Delivery Unit, established in 2015 with funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), merged with the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit in 2017 to form the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Delivery Unit (NNJPDU).

The NNJPDU supports the North Northamptonshire authorities in the delivery and strategic planning of one of the largest growth area outside of London We seek to work in partnership with the local authorities, developers and house builders to unlock the barriers to delivering the 35,000 homes required by 2031.

Housing Target

The North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS) was adopted in July 2016. This document outlines the level of housing to be planned for over the period 2011-31 and sets this out by local authority area. In accordance with JCS Policy 28, this is as outlined in Table 4 below:

North Northamptonshire Housing Requirements (after JCS Policy 28/Table 4)

Share of Objectively Assessed Needs in the Housing Market Area

Annual Average Dwellings 2011-2031

Housing Requirement 2011 - 2031

Corby Borough




Strategic Opportunity



East Northamptonshire



Kettering Borough



Borough Council of Wellingborough



North Northamptonshire

1,750 (2,000)


The North Northamptonshire growth area consists of six Garden Communities - five consented and one in the planning stage and are expected to provide a combined total of in excess of 25,000 dwellings

Alongside the development of these strategic sites, smaller sites will play an important role in delivering around half of the housing in North Northamptonshire, increasing choice and competition in the market for developers and consumers. This includes Brownfield Sites identified by the NNJPDU and local planning authorites as part of preparing Pilot Brownfield Registers. 

Authorities Monitoring Report

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that local planning authorities should illustrate the expected rate of housing delivery through a housing trajectory for the plan period and set out how they will maintain delivery of a five-year supply of housing land to meet their housing target. All local authorities are required to identify and update annually a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years’ worth of housing requirements.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)  states that where planning authorities cannot demonstrate a five-year supply, the relevant policies for the supply of housing should not be considered up-to-date and the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ should apply.

This means granting consent unless the adverse impacts of doing so would ‘significantly and demonstrably’ outweigh the benefits. The ability to identify a five year supply of deliverable housing is therefore significant in dealing with planning applications for housing.

Local planning authorities should also identify a supply of specific developable sites or broad locations for growth for years 6 -10 and where possible, for years 11-15.

To meet these requirements, the Authorities Monitoring Report produced by the NNJPDU outlines the deliverable and developable housing land supply for North Northamptonshire’s position for each of the constituent local planning authorities in relation to the housing requirements of the JCS. It sets out the housing trajectory setting out how the strategic and smaller sites will contribute to the delivery of housing requirements.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

As part of the joint strategic planning for North Northamptonshire the NNJPDU works to identify the required infrastructure to support development and growth.

This is set out in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) for North Northamptonshire. The IDP is a supporting document for the Joint Core Strategy (JCS), identifying the strategic priorities for the delivery of key infrastructure needed to support the implementation of the JCS over the plan period 2011- 2031.

Stanton Cross Bridge (image provided by Bovis Homes Limited)

The IDP identifies the infrastructure need, importance, delivery and an assessment of potential risk. It contains an Infrastructure Schedule, which summarises the infrastructure items in a comprehensive, theme based format.

The JPDU has recently submitted bids to the government for Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF) to support the accelerated delivery of the growth proposals set out in the JCS. To support these bids the IDP was updated to reflect the current infrastructural position of North Northamptonshire at September 2017. To inform this update, a short consultation took place with partner organisations to ensure that the IDP captured the latest provision in relation to infrastructure requirements, including the phasing, timescales for delivery and costs. Responses were combined and incorporated into the IDP which has now been published on the JPDU website.

The IDP is a live document that will be periodically updated to take into account the progress of infrastructure delivery in North Northamptonshire.