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North Northamptonshire Brownfield Land Register 2018

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  Site W42  (pdf 151 kB)

  Site C1  (pdf 107 kB)

  Site C16  (pdf 114 kB)

  Site C20  (pdf 103 kB)

  Site C23  (pdf 151 kB)

  Site C24  (pdf 153 kB)

  Site C25  (pdf 175 kB)

  Site C26  (pdf 110 kB)

  Site C27  (pdf 116 kB)

North Northamptonshire Brownfield Land Register 2018. Updated to 31.12.2018. This version reflects latest Government Guidance on BFL Registers (including use of an updated template) and supersedes the 2017 version produced for North Northamptonshire.

An online map which details the location of each Brownfield site is still accessible here: https://bcw.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=f3f159ca77cd44a794b083b2c96b0495

Please note the removal of sites E26, E56 and E67 have not yet been reflected in this map, this will be updated as soon as possible.




Publication Date: December 2018