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North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Review July 2019

The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee (JPC) considered a report on the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (JCS) Review at its 25th July 2019 meeting.  The JPC agreed that the JCS does not require updating at the present time, for the reasons set out in the report. The report can be viewed via the following link.

The reasons can be summarised as:

  • The JPDU presently considers that the JCS is up-to-date and the policies are working, including in relation to housing delivery.
  • The proposed timescale for the preparation of the Arc spatial framework has slipped from that envisaged by the NIC. This should ideally provide the strategic context for the JCS update and the JPDU will continue to input into this work.
  • The prospect of a specific NN growth deal, including a commitment to a rapid review of the JCS, appears to have diminished. This reduces the urgency of revising the JCS and will make it prudent to consider various scenarios for the scale of new housing and jobs growth to be planned for in the JCS. 
  • The NN Strategic Plan will be a key statutory document for the new unitary authority and it is better that the authority owns and shapes the plan from the start rather than inheriting a work-in-progress. The indicative timetable for the preparation of the NN Strategic Plan allows for this and also gives time for the Arc Spatial Framework to emerge.

A provisional timetable for the JCS update is set out below. The JPC agreed that this timetable should guide future work, recognising that this may need revising should there be a change in circumstances.

Potential Timetable for North Northamptonshire JCS and Conformity with Appropriate Regulations

Stage Date

Evidence Gathering and Scoping

Member briefings and workshops

July 2019 - April 2021
Unitary Authority to agree Scope and Issues June 2021
Consultation on Scope and Issues (Regulation18) Summer 2021
Consultation on Options (consistent with emerging Arc Spatial Framework) Winter 2021
Proposed Submission Consultation (Regulation 19) Summer 2022
Submission to Secretary of State (Regulation 22) Spring 2023
Commencement of Examination (Regulation 24) Summer 2023
Adoption of DPD (Regulation 26) Winter 2023

August 2019